Wireless Network Services for warehouses & offices

Wi-Fi is everywhere and demands for a wireless network for business and other organisations has never been higher. Users, whether that’s office staff, warehouse staff, students, patients or guests want a seamless, fast and secure always-on wireless. And they want to access via their smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart watches.

Today’s wireless networks need to combat more security threats, manage an unprecedented number of connected devices, and provide an always-on, always-available network experience for users. Netfit Communications are networking and wireless experts.  We help many organisations design the best wireless network to suit their environment and their users’ needs.



We provide both on-premises and cloud-managed wireless solutions that deliver the security, simplicity and exceptional network experiences you need to stay competitive. The options range from powerful and customisable solutions to simple out-of-the-box deployments.

The wireless network can enforce centrally-controlled security polices for corporate users as well as guest users. Built-in content filtering can be used to limit content as well as providing granular details on user activity.

Wireless Troubleshooting
If you have a wireless network but it isn’t performing as well as you would like, let us take a look. If you’re having problems with:


  • interference
  • dead zones and blackspots
  • slow connectivity
  • poor user experience


Our wireless experts can help.

Using Ekahau Wireless Tools, we will carry out a comprehensive wireless site survey, which will analyse and report on the RF environment, sources of interference to determine the problem.  Following on from this, you will receive a full written report with recommendations for the best configuration for your network.