The best ways to protect your home and property

Technology has come a long way in such a short space of time, and with the advent of wireless connectivity, you can now remotely control many things around the house and home. Here are some of the latest must-have home security gadgets that can help you protect your property and loved ones.

Technology has come a long way in such a short space of time, and with the advent of wireless connectivity, you can now remotely control many things around the house and home.

From your lights, kitchen appliances and TV to your locks and home security, there’s an app for everything these days, which can definitely help make life easier.

But, when it comes to home security gadgets, which are the ones worth investing in and which are just gimmicks that aren’t worth the money? With around 400,000 domestic burglaries reported in the UK every year, getting your home security basics right is essential.

Robust, high-quality doors, windows and locks are a must.

So, too, are additional security measures like external lighting, security shutters or screens, internal locks or deadbolts, and even a home alarm system can all enhance your home security further.

Beyond that, here are some of the latest must-have home security gadgets that can help you protect your property and loved ones.

Smart locks

One of the best things about having a smart home alarm system is that once you have one installed, you can fit it with a vast array of additional extras to build the ultimate home security solution.

Electronic smart locks are an excellent place to start. Keyless and wireless, they can be controlled by either a remote fob, a keypad or even a smartphone app.

Smart locks can be opened remotely, enabling you to grant temporary access to visitors when you’re not around – provided they are people you trust. And, if you get that dreaded feeling where you get to work and then suddenly remember you’ve not locked your doors, you can click a button to ensure they are locked from wherever you are. 

And, should the worst happen and you do suffer a break-in, if it’s the lock that’s breached, you’ll receive an alert on your phone, so you can call the police or your security company for help.

Smart lights

More than two-thirds of domestic burglaries (70%) occur when nobody’s home. Smart lights allow you to schedule your lights to switch on and off at different times to make it appear like there is always someone in.

You can integrate smart lights, bulbs and switches into a smart home alarm system, so you can control them remotely to give people the impression that someone is home, even when you aren’t.

And you can monitor and operate them from wherever you are, via smartphone app, which makes forgetting to turn the lights off when you go out a thing of the past.

Automated gates

Automated electric gates provide an excellent first line of defence for your home. They make use of motors, sensors, remote controls, wireless technology and operational logic to enable them to open and close automatically in response to specific actions, such as when a vehicle approaches. They can also interact with other systems, such as security alarms or CCTV.

Smart security cameras

Smart security cameras are another element that can be built into your smart home alarm system to keep your property safe and secure.

They can be installed in any room of your choice and be integrated with your doorbell so you can keep a check on anyone visiting you, either remotely or while you’re not there.

Like all smart home alarm system modules, smart security cameras are wireless, so you can monitor them via a smartphone app.

They provide an excellent visual deterrent to would-be criminals and can record any suspicious activity, which can be used as vital evidence in the event of a break-in.

Smart sensors

Making your home more secure is one thing. However, keeping your family safe from threats like fire, flood, gas leaks, or carbon monoxide is something else entirely.

Smart sensors can provide peace of mind by monitoring a whole range of problems, like smoke, temperature, gas and moisture. They can alert you to any issues immediately.

Smart sensors are incredibly versatile and can be built into your smart home alarm system and linked to your smartphone, so even when you are not home, you can rest safe in the knowledge that any potential problems can be dealt with quickly.

Looking to invest in better home security?

Investing in a smart security system is a great way to protect your home and family and get more peace of mind.

Because all their modules are IP-based, they can all be connected via the same control panel and smartphone app.

It’s easy to add in other wireless devices or applications, meaning you can create a fully functioning smart home that takes care of everything from your appliances and entertainment to your security. 

Netfit Communications is a specialist installer of security systems across Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire and Worcestershire.

Our high-quality smart security systems will give you complete peace of mind that your home or business is protected at all times of day or night. We can supply and install a range of security systems to meet your exact requirements, including wireless and hard-wired solutions.

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