High Quality Intruder Alarms Systems in Monmouthshire

Protecting your home or business premises at all times is absolute key in providing offensive outcomes against any potential burglars / intruders.

Professionally fitted and Maintained High quality alarms systems provide the perfect deterrent to would be intruders which will give you complete peace of mind that your home or business is protected at all times day or night.

We supply and install many makes of alarm systems, not only wireless systems but also hardwired systems. Give us a call for us to do a site visit which will give us an idea of what is the best solution for you.

Our Alarm / Security systems can be integrated with 4K UHD Night Vision CCTV systems, which now plays a major part in crime detection and prevention. It provides a visible and effective deterrent.



CCTV can give you complete control over the security of your home or premises and, if combined with access control, your visitors will have to be announced before they can be given any kind of access. We can provide a system from the most basic home observation systems to the more complex systems for use in your business.

Don't wait until after a break in to install one of our top of the range security systems Install one now and know you're safe



Specialist Installer of Security Systems in the South East - CCTV, Fire, Smoke, PA, Burglar Alarms, Lighting and Access Control.


Maintaining Security Systems so that they work perfectly when they are needed most. Ongoing maintenance for long term reassurance.


Get total cover with Netfit Communications alarm monitoring and enjoy the reassurance of a swift response if one of your alarms is triggered.