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On behalf of That Designer Wholesale.

I would throughly recommend Gareth Hill and his team at Netfit Communications for all types of work; from Security Systems and Network Services to Access Control.

Gareth has been looking after our business’s security needs for nearly a year, in this time he has grown not just to be a reliable partner for our company but a good friend of ours too.

We have implemented several systems under Gareth’s management and guidance – my staff and I rely on these measures to keep our business safe and secure.

No job is too small for Gareth, I can refer to a time when our intruder alarm was going off inside our warehouse around midnight – Gareth was more than 10 miles further away than me at the time, yet still managed to get to our business at the same time as us.

Thankfully, we didn’t have an intruder – just a moth that kept flying in front of our motion sensors! Gareth didn’t stop there, he went out of his way to unload his ladders to find and remove the moth so we could be sure our business’ alarm system could be armed safely and we knew it could be protected.

Gareth has always been on hand even for ad ice on small matters and is never more than a phone call away. I am confident that my business is safe under his systems protection.