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SMART IP CCTV System at Bigwell Fly Fishery

SMART IP CCTV System at Bigwell Fly Fishery

The Brief

Bigwell Fly Fishery is one of the leading trout fly fisheries in the UK. The main goal for Bigwell was to build a structure which facilitates the daily operations and ensures the security of the livestock being kept on site. Bigwell needed the best image quality to observe the multiple ponds and multiple entrances, they were also looking for a system that could be remotely monitored and would actively detect any potential threats. To be able to meet the requirements they needed a reliable system that could be introduced quickly, that would be easy to use and would offer the required level of security to the interior and exterior of the property.

Our Solution

We installed a complete 24Hour remote monitoring system complete with a user controlled and automatic PTZ camera using a state of the art HIK vision system. The system contains state of the art software which allows auto-tracking and patrol modes meaning high vulnerability areas could be instantly covered should an intruder appear.

The entrances and the exits of the buildings at Bigwell are covered by both 5MP dome cameras and the PTZ camera offering full 360 coverage. With internal cameras also installed at Bigwell they can manage and protect the shop area from any theft or damage both day and night.


SMART IP CCTV System at Bigwell Fly Fishery


First Contact

At the first point of contact with any customer, we request details on the customer’s request. We then document all the goals and problems that need to be solved on a report which gets filed with the customer’s details. At the earliest convenience for the customer, we arrange a site visit. Once on-site, we complete a full site walk so that we can also identify any potential hazards or issues that we or the customer may face during and after installation. We also collect the following information, building structure, customers’ budget and health and safety concerns

Proposal Stage

Once we have all of the data required, we can then complete and issue the customer with a complete proposal. This proposal outlines to the customer the issues they have raised and how we intend to solve these issues. Inside our proposal, the customer can see a breakdown of the solution, in Bigwell’s case we provided an aerial map of the property showing all areas covered by the CCTV along with a specification of each camera and details of their location.

Once a proposal is accepted and we have received written confirmation we go ahead with ordering the required system components and a full parts list is completed and added to the customer’s document folder for future reference. We order all system components to arrive on a specific day that meets the customer’s deadline, we check all the equipment for faults or missing parts. This is done to ensure we are ready for the installation date agreed with the customer.


The initial stage of the day is to confirm with our customer our time of arrival on the day of installation, ensuring the customer is on-site and ready to meet with us. Once on-site, we complete a walkthrough with the customer outlining the steps of our installation and liaising with anyone else on-site that we may impact while completing our work. Once we have carried out all agreed works we complete a walkthrough to check that everything has been completed and meets the specification provided by the customer. Once we are happy with the installation we then complete one final walk through with our project lead to cross-reference all work carried out which is checked off on our completion document.

At Bigwell there were some challenges that we had not faced before in working around large volumes of open water and active anglers casting into the open water. We had to take calculated and responsible steps to ensure the safety of both our engineers and the customers of Bigwell Fly Fishery.

Step one was to complete a full health and safety check to identify the main issues whilst completing the installation. The two main areas of concern above left us with two options.

  1. Bigwell Fly Fishery to close for the day.

Although this option would completely remove any potential danger to our engineers or members of the public it would largely impact Bigwell financially and reputationally by being closed for a full day.

  1. Netfit Communications Limited to implement stringent health and safety procedures.

On this project, both Bigwell and Netfit Communications Limited decided it would be better to keep the fishery open but to ensure we put in place measures to remove any potential incidents.

Now that we had decided on the best course of action it was imperative to secure the safety of everyone involved, to do this first we made sure that everyone coming onto the site would be aware that our engineers were there working. This was done firstly by having signage at the entrance detailing that work was being carried out that day and to be aware of our engineers, all visitors would also have to visit the on-site visitors’ centre. Here we had our onsite contact also make all visitors aware of our engineers and those certain areas would be limited access at times.

To ensure our engineers would be easily identifiable we issued high visibility jackets and cordoned off working areas. We had also highlighted in our report the potential for anglers to be casting near to engineers, to combat this we also issued our engineers with hard hats, long-sleeved clothing, and eye protection as there would be a risk due to hooks and line. With all bases covered and everyone fully aware of all the potential dangers work was completed without any issues.



By taking the time to ensure we had completed strict due diligence the Bigwell project was completed on time, within budget and without any incidents. Bigwell has significantly reduced the likelihood of being targeted by poachers. The livestock can be monitored 24 hours a day remotely. The customer is also able to pan and zoom to any area on his property and knows that when in patrol mode any potential threats will be immediately identified, meaning the owner can take the relevant steps to protect his investment.


Client Feedback

My fishery required a new CCTV system, I enquired on Monmouth business pages for recommendations for supply and fit companies. Three names were put forward, one was dismissed immediately as a phone quote said to me that they would sell and fit what they had not what I needed. The second company came out, surveyed the grounds and sent a written quote, I later dismissed this one as inferior quality cameras were to be used.

I first had contact with Netfit when the lads came down to survey and discuss my needs and what I wanted the system to do. The enthusiasm and love of what they had to offer were outstanding. I awaited the quote, another show of dedication when the quote was hand-delivered and the whole of its content again discussed and made available for any tweaks to be made. A short while later the equipment arrived and a date was set for the fit, I had chosen two HIK vision PTZ cameras for outside coverage and one static camera for inside the lodge. The quality of the equipment was apparent straight away showing strength and durability. The lads turned up to fit the system which they did with absolute minimum disturbance to my daily business, the work was very neat and tidy attempting to hide all connections as much as possible and keeping anything showing to be very neat. At the end of the day, all was done the power was turned on and WOW all they had said it would be it most certainly is, I now have total ground coverage, day and night with absolute clarity, the ability to pan and zoom in on any part of the fishery and the options of doing it at work or on my iPad from wherever I may be. All movements are recorded, and notifications of movements come to me after business. Customers of the fishery remark on the quality of the pictures and the constant coverage they provide, this alone is a great deterrent from misbehaviour and potential theft. I would like to give a huge thank you to Netfit for the professional manner in the way they have conducted business with me and their knowledge of their products as well as the aftercare I have received from them

Best regards to you lads on a job well done, I will be recommending you with confidence.