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Smart Intruder Alarm System at Rainbow Valley
Smart Intruder Alarm System at Rainbow Valley

The Brief

Mr Raynes being a pilot was often away from home leaving his wife and children at their family home. He wanted peace of mind that both his home and his family would be safe, after a previous burglary at the property Mr Raynes had installed CCTV but wanted that extra layer of protection. Mr Raynes wanted an intruder alarm that was simple, effective and discreet, also high on the agenda Mr Raynes needed an alarm that he could keep an eye on, wherever he may be in the world.

Our Solution

After viewing the property with Mr Raynes it was clear that multiple buildings and entrances needed to be monitored and protected. With a detailed brief and requirements provided by Mr Raynes, we installed a complex and intelligent intruder alarm system that was simple for the customer to use with multiple methods to arm and disarm the alarm. Set up with multiple areas and multiple users Mr Raynes now has exactly what he was looking for, safety, peace of mind and a very easy to use intruder alarm that he can control from his smart phone. To achieve a discreet installation we recommended a wireless system.

The entrances and the exits of the buildings at Bigwell are covered by both 5MP dome cameras and the PTZ camera offering full 360 coverage. With internal cameras also installed at Bigwell they can manage and protect the shop area from any theft or damage both day and night.


Smart Intruder Alarm System at Rainbow Valley


First Contact

At the first point of contact with any customer we request details on the customers request, we then document all the goals that need to be achieved and problems that need to be solved on a report which gets filed with the customers details. At the earliest convenience for the customer we arrange a site visit. Once on site we complete a full site walk so that we can also identity any potential hazards or issues that we or the customer may face during and after installation. We also collect the following information, building structure, customers budget and health and safety concerns.

Proposal Stage

Once we have all the data required, we can complete and issue the customer with a complete proposal. This proposal outlines to the customer the issues they have raised and the ways in which we intend to solve these issues. Inside a proposal the customer can see a breakdown of the solution needed. Once a proposal is accepted and we have received written confirmation we go ahead with ordering in the required system components, a full parts list is completed and added to the customers document folder for future reference. We order all system components to arrive on a specific day that meets the customers deadline, we check all the equipment for faults or missing parts this is done to ensure we are ready for the installation date agreed with the customer.


The initial stage of the day is to confirm with our customer our time of arrival on the day of installation, ensuring the customer is on site and ready to meet with us. Once on site we complete a walkthrough with the customer outlining the steps of our installation and liaising with anyone else on site that we may impact while completing our work. Once we have carried out all agreed works we complete a walkthrough to check that everything has been completed and meets the specification provided by the customer. Once we are happy with the installation we then complete one final walkthrough with our project lead to cross reference all work carried out which is checked off on our final completion document.

At Rainbow Valley our engineers would be working around horses and farm machinery, ensuring the safety of both our engineers and the horses was a top priority for us. The solution was firstly to ensure our engineers were always visible to any passing farm vehicles, to achieve this high visibility jackets were mandatory when on site. Erecting work barriers around ladders and having an engineer always visible when working near the open road was key. To ensure the safety of the horses we pre requested that the horses be stabled when working outside of the stable area and then to be moved into a field when working inside the stables.


With all health and safety concerns now covered it was time for our engineers to begin work.

Task 1. Installation of intruder alarm panel and sensors

The intruder alarm panel is the brain of the system and as such would need to be installed in a secure location, once installed our engineers proceeded to install multiple door breaks and PIR sensors inside and outside of the property. Once installed each component was tested for connectivity and functionality before moving onto the next one. Once all the devices have been installed our engineers also test the configuration of the wireless device network.

Task 2. Installation of alarm sounder

Each intruder alarm system installed by us comes with a wired or wireless sounder, should the alarm be activated this device flashes and emits an alarm, with a battery backup there is no way of an intruder being able to silence one of our alarms. Finding the best location for the sounder was critical, it needed to be visible and audible for both any intruder and for any residents in the area. With Rainbow Valley being a large property with multiple areas and buildings we recommended that the customer have two sounders to maximise coverage and protection. It was at this point that the installation threw its first technical challenge, how to overcome the long distance that the second sounder would be placed.

Our engineers had faced this issue before and thanks to experience and product knowledge they had brought an extra device that could be used as an expander, as this had already been identified on the site visit there was no unnecessary delay in the customer having a fully functional alarm on day 1.

Task 3. Intruder alarm setup and tests

With the alarm now fully installed our engineers now needed to ensure the alarm was correctly setup, that every device was working and that the alarm could be tested. To test our intruder alarms one of our engineers performs a “Walk Test” while our second engineer checks that all devices are picking up the first engineer triggering them. Once all devices have been confirmed working it is time to set the alarm and run an intruder scenario. Once our engineers are confident that the alarm is working at its fullest potential then sign the alarm system off on their worksheets.

Task 4. Demonstration to the customer

The most important part of our intruder alarms is to make sure that the customer knows how to effectively operate all aspects of the system. Firstly our engineers set up each user with a key code followed by a key fob and smart device access should they require it.


Once all users have been set up on the alarm our Engineers will spend as much time as needed with the customer to ensure they are confident with the alarm. Our engineers will also run through demonstrations with the customer showing them all the ways in which the alarm can be controlled. We also provide each customer with a detailed handbook as well as the original handbook provided by the manufacturer.


When it comes to having a new alarm we appreciate that it is a lot for a customer to understand and take in, although our engineers install these systems day in and day out we ensure that they take every step necessary to ensure a customer understands the system. However we appreciate that sometimes our customers need support days, weeks or even months after an install. This is why we are on hand for technical support 24/7 as we supply any Intruder Alarm System with a 1-year maintenance agreement, so should a customer forget how to set their alarm or forget their code we are always there to help.


With an intelligent and versatile intruder alarm system Mr Raynes has further secured his home and has full control of his system wherever he is. He has now significantly reduced the likelihood of being a target for thieves. Mr Raynes can secure his assets and alarm the areas he wants when he needs to. The system has given peace of mind to him and his family.

Client Feedback

The two engineers that visited my property were professional and very skilled when it came to the installation of my alarm, keeping my property as untouched as possible was a concern and it was clear from their work that this has been relayed. There is no disturbance to the look and feel of my property. Our alarm works flawlessly and I am really impressed with the multiple ways in which I can control it. If one thing sticks in my mind about the whole experience it would be the way in which the engineers took their time to help myself and my wife setup our smart phones and explain the alarm. With this being our first alarm system it was daunting and a lot to take in, the engineers made it so easy to understand and took all the time it required to make sure we were happy. I cannot fault the work done and this new alarm system has made a real difference to my day to day life, I now feel safe, secure and in control.